Do you find yourself at times feeling as if one foot is anchored in your past?  Or maybe both are.  Maybe you feel as if a weight is dragging you back  – not allowing you to move forward.  So even though you are moving right along  – you are always looking back in the rearview mirror at …something.

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Validation, Happiness and the desire for Enlightenment.

The reasons we go to religion may be somewhat varied but I’m thinking they would fall into a few basic categories: desire for community, meeting friends or like-minded folks, learning a different modality of thinking or being in the world which may come from delving into scriptures and ancient wisdom, a desire to relieve one’s suffering (no doubt one of the most common), to fulfill a growing awareness to contribute to lessening the suffering of others in the world and perhaps even the desire for enlightenment.

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True Foundation

“Your deepest inclinations emanate from Knowledge. As your mind becomes clear of its restraints and as your life begins to open to the greater calling that is emerging for you now, these deeper inclinations will become more powerful and more evident. You will be able to discern them more easily.  This will require great self-trust, which of course will require great self-love. To trust your deepest inclinations, to follow Knowledge and to be a student of Knowledge will re-establish your self-love and will place it upon a firm foundation that the world cannot shake.” (Step 316:  I will trust my deepest inclinations today.”)

My steps this week have been the beginning lessons 1-6 in Steps to Knowledge.  This is my third time through this text as I travel upwards on this mountain.  These steps remind me that I am a beginning student, starting from where I am right now, not from where I wish or think I should be.  I must have my feet planted firmly on the earth, in order to move forward.  I am not sure-footed enough to take great leaps like a mountain goat, so I just put one foot in front of the other.  There are other students climbing too, and this is encouraging because I never know when I might need a hand up or when I might be able to offer one.  This is not a race to the finish line; it is a journey with many steps, all of which offer opportunities and challenges.  Step 6 states “I have a true foundation in the world.” So this is not about escaping the world to some altered or exalted state where I can look down at the rest of humanity and feel superior. Such a different perspective is this from the religious tradition I knew as a child, which was all about escaping this “vale of tears” and getting to heaven, if I knew how to believe what was being expounded by the religious authorities.  The problem was…

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The Gift

I realize I have not written anything for quite a while.  Why is that I ask myself? What’s my excuse? Busyness, distractions, other priorities, what’s going on? I just re-read the dedication to Steps to Knowledge as I begin my third trip through the 365 “Steps” or lessons. This book is “designed to enable students to learn to experience and to apply their Self-Knowledge, or Spiritual Power, in the world.” A blog is certainly a way to express my power in the world so why so much inertia? Maybe I’m afraid of my power.  I’m a Southern girl, born and raised, who was always told to be nice, be quiet, and act like I liked this state of affairs. Not in so many words but in more subtle ways, the message got through. It’s a long time since those days though, so let’s forget the past as an explanation. What’s my present situation? I’m retired, with lots of free time which seems to be filling up: a few hours each week on a part-time job, helping facilitate a meditation/self-awareness group twice a month, volunteering as a reading coach a couple of hours each week, walking my dog daily, going on a hike almost every weekend, being part of a study group with other New Message students, and doing all the regular day-to-day stuff that pretty much has to get done.  I have a few friendships I try to maintain by calls, emails, or getting together occasionally. All freely chosen and important to me, yet I have a feeling of this blog being one more thing on my list of “musts.” I’m just being honest with myself here. How do I prioritize? And I haven’t included the other aspects of being a student of the New Message to prepare me to meet the world where its true needs are calling me.

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Where Am I?

This is my first real blog post, and boy do I want to be eloquent!  Now that I’ve said that maybe I can let it go and move on.  I wrote in my profile that I found out about The New Message from a book Greater Community Spirituality that I stumbled upon in a used book store.  That was in July 2015.  I almost left it on the shelf because how many books do I have on spirituality?  Way too many!  But that had never stopped me before.  So….

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Revelations, You Say?

As a 6&1/2 year Student of The New Message From God, I have experienced many “ups and downs” in receiving it’s Revelations. Of course, The Teacher and Messenger of these Revelations, Marshall Vian Summers is receiving the vast communication for humanity and then publishing it’s sacred audio and text for us all to then receive. It is in the practice where one gets tested, though and it is in this vein, then, that I’d like to examine the inherent challenge in the above title’s question.

It was while reading the comment thread below one of Marshall’s on-line radio interview’s that I saw yet another cynical comment along the lines of “Oh, another Prophet of God speaks.” That was it. There were of course numerous other positive, supportive comments with more substance as well. These short cynical (trollish) comments are  circulating out there and leveled at Marshall, but what seems glaringly obvious is that such tone usually seems to reveal a complete lack of having read any of the original material. (What’s interesting, as an aside, is that such folks are even there at all with ears to attend the audio and catch the content, indicating some level of curiosity for matters spiritual, theological – or, perhaps, alien.)

I know, myself, how difficult it has been to “bring” this vast material or even a small portion therein to others. Where does one start? After all, consider for a moment the magnitude of the proclamation: a New Message from God for all of humanity at a critical threshold, delivered to and translated through The Angelic Assembly to one man. (Marshall actually recommends we NOT attempt to bring this word to friends and family.)

At one encampment I recall Marshall saying, “My burden is greater than yours, but likely so is my joy.”

So it has occurred to me to examine the question we students will certainly encounter, which is, “What makes you so sure these are actually Revelations?”

The short answer is that they (The Revelations) contain teachings, concepts, terms and even warnings for humanity as a whole which I, in all my years of interest and study of world religions and bodies of spiritual teachings, have simply NOT encountered.

Let’s look at some of these teachings, starting with concepts which are both illuminating and intriguing. It is said throughout (and there is much repetition) that if these teachings or the “voice” herein resonates for you or is familiar, it is because they are coming to you “down through the ancient corridors of you mind”. I’ve never encountered this kind of fresh, interesting and even mystical metaphor anywhere else. It seems to imply the existence of one vast universal mind, as well as a kind of inherently residing memory which need only be nudged given the proper context or circumstances.

What would be the proper circumstances to have this, our ancient memory activated? Humanity’s critical threshold mentioned earlier is referred to as The Great Waves of Change. We are said to be in the “foothills” of The Great Waves of Change. These waves of change are striking humanity and our planet with a cluster similtaneously occurring events, the combination of which have potential to threaten our very existence. These changes are referred to as environmental degradation, political decay and corruption, increased warfare, depleted food and resources and water shortages. Pervasive human migrations and oceanic levels rising as well as and perhaps the most shocking and important  change of all is the arrival of an Alien Intervention on our native shores. All of these Great Waves of Change, say the Voice of God, are manifesting as a result of humanity’s abuse and misuse of it’s home planet and fellow man/woman.

We’re also told that we have been bequeathed this planet Earth and it’s solar system and should we venture much beyond  the bounds of our system,  we would encounter forces and influences much greater that any powers we presently have or could even imagine. Humanity is referred to as an emerging race who must also meet three requirements in order to join the greater community of intelligent life, which is here already and beyond our borders of space. These requirements are: discretion, unity and self-sufficiency. Discretion, in this context refers to humanity’s reckless behaviors ranging from broadcasting our affairs out into space to detonating nuclear and atomic weaponry. It is even revealed that it is particularly indiscreet to live on the surface of a planet. Most races live underground to protect themselves from the forces of weather and invasions by foreign species. The second requirement for inclusion into The Greater Community is unity. Humanity is still proving itself to be at a tribal stage of development in that it is still clearly engaged in warfare and solving many of its problems through violent means. It’s divisiveness also compromises its very natural environment as well as its political, religious and economic infrastructures. Finally, and here we have a reasonable record, we have become a fairly self-sufficient species: we can feed house and cloth ourselves; albeit, we still have a detrimental divide between the haves and have-nots, the gulf between whom is becoming increasingly acute.

Due to it’s misuse of resources, humanity is said to be “drawing from and increasingly shrinking well” of water, food and resources. This has great potential (even evidenced in the present) of provoking further escalation of tribal violence and global warfare.

On a LIGHT-er note, The Revelations remind us of our ancient heritage and identity; that we come into this world not unequipped, nor unprepared. We carry Knowledge, our original memory of and connection to our Creator, God, Lord of all the universes. When we develop a stillness and silence practice sufficiently, we’ll be able to hear and act upon the counsel that Knowledge is waiting patiently to provide us. If we practice making this space for Knowledge, it will increasingly move us away from confusion and ambiguity.  Even our conventional ambitions, desires, interests and perhaps relationships will shift, as we develop our capacity to receive Knowledge. “Can you give yourself over to the receiving?”, asks the Revelations. KNOWLEDGE, in this spiritual context is also referred to as The Holy Spirit. It is NOT a body of information, a school of thought, a set of theories or theological nor philosophical tenets. It is inseparable from our very nature and essence and cannot be tampered with by mind/thought control, digital chip implanting, torture or inculcation. It is unshakable but it does need re-awakening, activation or remembering.

I’ll leave off with a wondrous, mystical line from the Revelations: ‘How great is the substance that wishes to express itself through my small vehicle.”